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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  April 26, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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on tuesday. i'm james tengan in tokyo. welcome to "newsline." it's caused more damage to roads and bridges as well as houses and buildings. land ministry officials say kumamoto prefecture has had the
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most landslides and officials warn there could be more. rescue crews are continuing the search for a college student at the site of one of the landslides. the student has been missing since the area was devastated by a series of earthquakes. water has been restored to some households in the disaster area. >> translator: i'm glad. water is so important! i realized how important it is. >> authorities say 49 people died in the quakes and 14 others passed away in the days that followed, possibly due to stress or illness. more than 40,000 people are being forced to stay in evacuation shelters across kumamoto prefecture while caretakers are doing the best they can, many are finding it difficult to help people who require special assistance. udi ito has the story. >> reporter: she manages this evacuation shelter. normally she is an elementary
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schoolteacher, but here she is much more than that. she says she often doesn't know what to do since she is not an expert on nursing care but many evacuates staying at the nursing center need all the help they can get including people like this 88 woman who has limited mobility. she needs help for the basics. things like eateding, going to the bathroom. >> translator: i appreciate all the help i get from everyone here. >> reporter: she doesn't know how much longer she'll be able to keep this up. >> translator: i hope officials can quickly find a place for her that can provide proper suresing care. -- nursing care. >> reporter: after the great earthquake in 1995 the japanese government urged municipalities to designate evacuation centers for people with special need.
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there are more than 170 facilitates in kumamoto like that but only 135 have taken people in after the recent quakes. this nursing home was supposed to accept 20 people but so far has only been able to take in one. its operators say they were flooded with an unexpected amount of requests for short-term stays after the first large quake hit on april 14th. >> translator: these are all short stays. we are operating at maximum capacity now. we want to accommodate more people but just can't. >> reporter: to ease the burden, some facilities outside kumamoto have offered to help. this nursing home is taking in some elderly people who need special assistance. yoshi is 902 years old. he has dementia and trouble walking. his home in kumamoto is too damaged to return to. his family says he needs the type of care only a nursing home can provide. >> translator: i was very desperate when i called them.
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>> translator: it is very nice. >> reporter: the facility has also accepted a dozen others from kumamoto. >> translator: we are all working hard to make sure these people can go back to kumamoto in better shape. >> reporter: welfare experts say municipalities need to come up with other ways to create space for those who need special care. >> translator: one idea would be to create a welfare evacuation room within an existing evacuation center. >> reporter: she also says the recent quakes expose the vulnerability of the current system. she says people with special needs should be taken into consideration from the beginning, even during disaster drills. japanese automaker mitsubishi motors is in deep trouble.
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staff faked data on fuel efficiency and executives have apologized. gene otani has details. mitsubishi motors' executives say data measurement not in line with the government-set method began 25 years ago. the executives spoke at a news conference for the first time since the scandal involving the carmakers' faked data broke last week. >> translator: we apologize to our customers who purchased vehicles based on false fuel efficiency data. all we can say is that we are deeply sorry. >> last wednesday it was revealed that mitsubishi motors intentionally manipulated data to give the vehicles in question a better fuel efficiency rating. it involved a total of 625,000 four-wheel drive mini vehicles. the carmaker submitted a detailed report on the case to the transport ministry before holding the news conference.
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company executives disclosed that the use of data not in line with the government-set method began in 1991 and the practice continued unchanged for 25 years. however, the executives said the maker never arbitrarily changed data to make fuel efficiency look better. besides the problem involving the measuring method it has been learned that mitsubishi motors also manipulated data. asked about his responsibility, the president said the entire picture has still not been clarified. he said he cannot answer the question until the settlement of the case is closer. but he said that he understands the magnitude of the problem. the revelation could make users and car industry officials even more upset and disappointed. mitsubishi motors has faced a series of scandals concerning its product reliability since the 2000s. >> reporter: in 2000.
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investigators found that the company had covered up more than 10,000 customer complaints. it secretly repaired defective vehicles without issuing recalls. >> translator: this is the first time i have heard about the coverups. >> reporter: the president at the time resigned to take responsibility. the company drafted measures to prevent further misconduct. two years later a wheel came off a mitsubishi trailer truck near tokyo. it struck and killed a woman and injured her two children. the cause was traced to a defective hub keblgting tconnec wheel to the axle but in a report to the government the mpany blamedhe accent on improper maintenance. it finally issued a recall in 2004. former company officials,
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including the vice president at the time, were arrested and indicted over falsifying reports to the authorities. two were found guilty of professional negligence. >> translator: we instructed the company to review its recall system and draw up connective measures immediately. >> reporter: after that second recall coverup, the then-chairman said the company was returning to fundamentals and making safety and quality its top priorities. >> translator: we drew up a restructuring plan with firm resolve and commitment. we think this is the last chance for us to stay in business as an automaker. >> reporter: mitsubishi group companies provided funds to help the carmaker improve its financial base and show their commitment to helping rebuild its management. the chairman of mitsubishi heavy
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industries led the efforts, taking on the chairman of mitsubishi motors. the fuel economy scandal is expected to have a serious financial impact on the carmaker and isakingeople ain wonder if they can trust cars bearing the symbol of the mitsubishi group, three red diamonds. nhk world. toshiba executives have been trying to turn around their finances after an accounting scandal came to light. now the company has announced that it will book an impairment loss of billions of dollars on its u.s. nuclear subsidiary, westinghouse. chief executive says toshiba is expected to book an impairment charge of $2.3 billion for march. it's thought it will shrink from the initial estimate of $6.4 billion to about
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$4.2 billion due to profits from selling the firm's subsidiary, toshiba medical systems. the company aims to receive orders for 45 nuclear powerplants in emerging economies by physical 2030. officials say they expect to produce profits through the militan maintenance of nuclear power plants. many investors stayed on the sidelines as central banks in japan and u.s. review monetary policies. we go to the business reporter giang nguyen at the tokyo stock exchange. central bank decisions front and center later this week. for now investors playing defense and tokyo shares down for a second day. let's look at the closing levels this tuesday, april 26th. the nikkei 225 fell .5% finishing at 17,353. the broader topix declined 0.7%. the financial sector let losses on the perfect of further monetary easing by the bank of
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japan. shares of mitsubishi ufj financial group were lower 3.5%. sumitomo last 2.6%. toshiba shares down 1.7%. mitsubishi motors shares rose at one stage for the first time in five sessions after news of the faked fuel efficiency tests surfaced, but stocks turned lower in afternoon trading ending down over 9%. on currencies the dollar fell below 111 yen during tokyo trading hours. investors seemed hesitant to make any big bets until they hear policy decisions from the federal reserve and the b.o.j. on thursday. giang nguyen reporting from the tokyo stock exchange. thanks very much for that report. the cautious mood carried over to other parts of the asia-pacific region. let's look at china. shanghai composite up .6% ending
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up at 2,964. trading volume remained thin. kospi index rose .25%, 2,019 despite weak economic growth data. the january to march gdp expanded slightly lower than market expectations. indonesia lower. sydney's declining by .3%. here is a look at some of the other business stories we're looking at. saudi arabia has announced it's going to reduce reliance on oil profits by 2030. this comes after the country's economy was hit hard by lower crude oil prices. state media report the plan includes raising funds through the sale of less than 5% of state-owned oil giant saudi aramco in initial public offering. travel industry experts from
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around the world gathered in dubai to attend the largest tourism show in the mild east. tourists can savor culture and go on a ski trip on the same tour. that's it for business news. james, back to you. crunching the numbers for us from our business desk was gene otani. thanks, gene. you're watching nhk "newsline". islamist militants in the philippines have killed a canadian man they've been holding hostage. john ridsdel was one of four hostages. abu sayyaf militants took them in september from a marina in the city of davao. the grouped demanded more than $6 million per hostage and threatened to kill the captives if the ransom was not paid. hours after monday's deadline filipino authorities confirmed ridsdel had died. canadian prime minister justin trudeau condemned the killing.
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>> this was an act of cold-blooded murder, and responsibility rests squarely with the terrorist group who took him hostage. >> trudeau said his government is working with his counterparts in the philippines to bring those responsible to justice. abu sayyaf is a militant group known for carrying out kidnappings. bombings and extortion in the south of the mainly catholic country. people in ukraine are remembering the victims of one of the world's worst nuclear disaster. tuesday marks 30 years since catastrophic explosion and mel down at the chernobyl nuclear plants. sirens blared at 1:23 a.m., the exact time of the explosion inside a reactor. former plant workers and soldiers paid respects at a monument to the victims. the explosion sent a cloud of radioactive substances into the air. about 30 workers and firefighters died fm dect
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expore to hi levs of radiatio and pele are still dying of cancers linked to the accidents. >> translator: i am proud of those guys who were with me then and are no longer here. i am mourning. 30 years is a long time, and only a few of us are still living, more are dying every year. >> a church service was held in memory of the victims. other commemorative events include a ceremony near the plant. radiation from the accident in chernobyl spread, crossing over borders. people in the region are still struggling with the effects. nhk world's alexi li reports. >> reporter: a concrete shroud now encases the destroyed plant. nhk obtained this video taken this month inside the number four reactor. on the floor is melted nuclear fuel.
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radiation levels remain extremely high. the amount would surpass japan's criteria for radiation exposure for one year in just seven seconds. when the reactor exploded, radioactive substances waufted over the land. it contaminated ukraine, russia, and over 20% of the land in belarus. this is one of the checkpoints to the restricted area. the plant is 30 kilometers from here. three decades after the accident, authorities still prohibit the public from entering. but leaders in belarus are changing their position. the president is promoting a project to rehabilitate abandoned settlements. this district is about 160 kilometers from the plant. it had been designated a
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contaminated zone. the authorities lifted the order in january. they say radiation is now below the government's limit. and they've been cutting back on subsidies for residents. the recommendation required for children while medical tests are being carried out used to be free. but it now costs about $450 each time. parts of school meals are no longer free either. families like this one say the change has put them in a bind. they say they need assistance partly because of long-term medical concerns. natalia has had surgery for thoi ri thyroid cancer. they have four children and they worry their children may not receive proper care because of the costs.
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>> translator: is this place safe? i don't think so. >> translator: there used to be a lot of support programs, but not anymore. we need government help to live here. >> reporter: an expert who took part in the study on the accident agrees. >> translator: i don't think we can say it's so safe that government assistance is no longer necessary. >> reporter: families speculate one reason the government is slashing support is the sluggish economy. decades later, the chernobyl accident continues to cast a shadow stretching far and wide. aleksey lee. nhk world. australian prime minister
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says. malcolm turnbull said his country will jointly develop and build its new fleet of sub marines with france. >> our future sub ra renes, 12 regionally superior sub marines will be built her at osborne in south australia. they will be designed in partnership with dcns, the french naval ship-building company. >> france won the bid after competing in a race against germany and japan. australia plans to build 12 submarines and start putting them into service in the 2030s. japan's pitch relied on what it called state-of-the-art technology in its submarine plants and the fact that winning the contract would help to secure cooperation among japan, australia and the united states. but experts have said japan lacks the experience in exporting technology unlike its european rivals. infectious diseases such as ebola and zika have been posing threats around the world. one u.n. executive says the key to tackling them starts at the roots. nhk world reports.
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>> reporter: the head of the united nations operation fund is in tokyo for the global conference the parliamentians on populations and development. the focus. lessons learned from ebola and zika virus. he warns there could be other outbreaks. >> a crisis like that would occur and continue to occur as long as the health systems are fragile. >> reporter: december 2013, the ebola began to spread in west african countries and killed more than 11,300 people in guinea. liberia and sierra leone. the world health organization took more than two years to declare the outbreak ended. there were criticisms that the international community responded too late. the head of u.n.f.p.a. said there was a big takeaway from the ordeal.
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>> i think the world has to learn one thing from that. what those three countries require is not an active or an acute injection of resources. what they require is a building of a health system. >> reporter: in latin america the zika virus is an ongoing threat. w.h.o. officials declared it a global public health emergency and have warned that up to 4 million people would be infec d infected. >> the w.h.o. has been up front with zika and has provided information, has actually been very, very proactive in terms of working with governments in latin america and also in governments around the world to provide information about zika and what needs to be done. and we have also been part of this because zika also has considerable -- considerable
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concern for women and getting pregnant. >> reporter: the zika virus is suspected of causing birth defects, including abnormally small heads. it's stressed that women should be approved enough information about the possibility of infection and the risks related to it. >> a woman's rights to their bodies and to their fertility is not just a civil rights issue. i believe that's something we have to talk about aggressively in the world today. >> reporter: at the end of the two-day conference participants will submit proposals to the governments that will take part in the group of seven smit in japan next month. the hope, lessons learned from past outbreaks will prevent future ones. nhk world, tokyo. nhk "newsline" comes to you live from tokyo where it's a
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pleasant 21 degrees celsius or 70 degrees fahrenheit. jonathan oh joins us with the world outlook. >> we are looking at a pretty potentially active afternoon when it comes to these tornado outbreaks that are expected to take place throughout the day on tuesday. we were talking about this for the past few days. the reason why is we are seeing a dynamic of very unsettled weather. there is a low pressure system continuing to develop over the rocky mountains. that's not new. what is particularly new in this situation is the fact that we are seeing so much warm air coming from the south, and it's forcing the jet stream to become more negatively tilted. it's going backwards. when that happens, forcing in a lot of warm air into this area and there is already cold air coming in. when you have this type of dynamic, you have very warm air down on the ground level and very dry air higher up and cold air up toward the sky, that's just energy right there flying
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into the sky, and that's where the instability is taking place. so we still have a moderate risk of severe weather. talking about tornado possibilities, strong winds and very large hail, all part of the equation extending down from kansas into places like oklahoma as the main core of the threat. and then areas surrounding there, from the southern portions of the midwest into the southern plains, all of these areas are looking at a very active tuesday afternoon. that's really the timing of when we're particularly concerned. so please stay aware of your weather situation. we're seeing rain from denver and thunderstorms into oklahoma city as we go through the afternoon. cold air wrapping around and that will bring snow into wyomi wyoming. showers from toronto to d.c. as a system moves through the area there. that's not the only place with active weather. in europe, a low pressure system is coming over the atlantic and down to the central portions of the continent. a risk for severe weather here
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tuesday into wednesday from thunderstorms to hail. wind gusts are very strong and also tornado possibilities for the northern portions of europe and also toward the east near the black sea. looking at the forecast for india, we've been talking about very, very hot weather, but we're also dealing with heavy rainfall. let me show you the video coming out of the northeastern portions of the area where torrential rains have hit the region with premonsoon floods. 40,000 people we affected. the waters are enring houses, especially in low-lying areas which is inundating much of the cropland there. locals are on bamboo rafts and wading knew knee-deep water. the levels are starting to decrease a bit but other areas are completely submerged and the concern is the landslides that may be associated with this. this is a bit early. the southwest monsoon on average doesn't start until around may
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20th and moves to the north and west. these are premonsoonal floods and they're causing problems. we're seeing big extremes. wet weather in oneart of the subctinent and extremely hot and dry weather toward india as go forrd in time it doesn't look like that will be changing anytime soon. wrapping up with a look at east asia. we have a stationary front bringing heavy rainfall into southeastern china. wednesday and thursday the rain expected to hit kyushu. bands possible into the earthquake stricken areas of kumamoto prefecture. it will start drying out toward the weekend. hope you have a good day wherever you are. here is your extended outlook.
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as we near 28 minutes past the hour we conclude this edition bq
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and and and and ." you are watching "france 24 is responsible for the revelations opened in luxembourg. with men face charges leaking thousands of documents that show the huge tax break given by luxembourg to some of the world possible companies. the world remembers chernobyl. 30 years on


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